Ordering of cars

If you are unable to find a suitable vehicle from our on-site selection, we provide you with an option to order a suitable vehicle from Europe. The largest sales web sites in Europe, where you can get acquainted with what’s available, are MOBILE.DE and AUTOSCOUT.DE. Having found a suitable vehicle, please send the link to our specialists, who will contact the seller and, if everything checks out, will send you a price quote for bringing the vehicle to Estonia. The most convenient way to order a pre-owned car from Europe is to describe the kind of car you want, in as much detail as possible. We will then find a vehicle that is as similar as possible to the one you described and make you a turn-key price quote. In addition to the sites mentioned above, we search for the vehicle from online auction sites selling pre-owned vehicles in Europe, which can be accessed only be professional car dealers. We ensure that the declared kilometrage of the car we provide is correct and that the technical condition of the car is in conformity with what we promised. The criteria required:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Body type
  • Period of first registration
  • Type of transmission
  • Fuel type
  • Range of kilometrage
  • Body colour (suitable and unsuitable colours)
  • Preferred colour and material of passenger compartment
  • Equipment you need the vehicle to have

NB! If you have planned to lease the car, it is recommended that before submission of the order you consult our specialists for specific leasing terms and conditions (see leasing).


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Leasing offer in couple of days. We work with all major leasing providers.