If you wish to lease a vehicle, do not hesitate to contact our sales consultants who will provide you with the best solution. We will help our clients choose a suitable leasing partner and leasing type, assist you with submission of applications and, thanks to our years of experience, we are able to answer all questions which may arise in regard to leasing. A leasing application may be submitted on our web page or at our dealership. If you find our leasing offer suitable, you can sign the contracts either digitally or by hand at our dealership. Also, we will make sure that the leased vehicle is registered and insured pursuant to the requirements of the leasing company. In car dealerships and leasing companies a leasing contract shall usually be prepared and entered into within a couple of days. We work with all well-known leasing companies.

Our partners:


Our car loan partners provide their clients with car purchase financing, or car leasing. However, they require a larger down payment and higher interest rate than other leasing companies. But the official income and credit history of the client are not always as decisive, as may be the case with other leasing companies. HOW IS THE SERVICE DIFFERENT FROM LEASING SERVICES PROVIDED BY ESTONIAN BANKS?

  1. We don’t check your income.
  2. There is no fee for premature termination of the contact. Banks require 6-9 months’ interest for premature termination of the contract.
  3. PROMPTNESS – you will get your car within a few hours. If you lease from a big bank, it may take up to an entire week.
  4. The assessment of the car shall take place at the dealership. It takes 5 minutes and is free of charge.
  5. Casco insurance is not mandatory if the market value of the car is less than EUR 10,000.
    We work on weekends, if necessary.
  • Down payment starting from 15% of the actual market value, in case of older vehicles (market value less than EUR 10,000), the down payment shall be 35-45%.
  • The maximum leasing period shall be 60 months. However, if you have made timely payments for the first six months, you can extend the leasing period by one year.
  • Interest rate starting from 1.8% (for newer and more expensive vehicles with a price exceeding EUR 13,000) per month. Older and cheaper vehicles are subject to a higher interest rate. The older and cheaper the vehicle, the higher the down payment and the interest rate will be.
  • We only finance the acquisition of vehicles with an actual market value of EUR 1,000-20,000 (in case of a larger down payment, we also accept more expensive vehicles). In order to receive a specific price quote, please fill out a leasing application on our web page.
Our partners:

General terms and conditions

  • Self-financing starting from 0%
  • Age of car by the end of the leasing period may be up to 15 years (in the case of operational leasing up to 10 years)
  • Maximum length of the leasing period shall be 60 months
  • Interest rate shall depend on the client as well as property
  • Contract fee shall depend on the price of property and the terms and conditions of the leasing companies (0-1.5%)
  • Property shall be insured by an insurance company accepted by the leasing company
  • In order to fill out an application, private persons must have an identity document and a bank statement for the last six months (only necessary if the person’s income is received in a bank other than the one where the leasing is applied for).
  • Companies shall append the balance sheet and income statement for the last six months to the application. The required documents may be appended to an application filled out on our web page, or sent to us or directly to the leasing company.


Operational leasing should be chosen if you would like to just use the vehicle, not acquire it. Thus, operational leasing is especially suitable for companies who do not wish to manage their own fleet of cars in addition to their principal activity. In the case of operational leasing, the leasing company shall buy the car you have chosen and grant you use of the car for the agreed period of time. You shall pay leasing payments to the leasing company for the right to use the car. One of the benefits of operational leasing compared to financial leasing is smaller payments. Upon expiry of the operational leasing contract, you have the following options:

  • To continue using the car by renewing the existing leasing contract
  • To return the car to the seller based on the residual value
  • To replace the vehicle with a new one by choosing a new vehicle from our dealership and returning the previous one
  • To buy the leased vehicle by redemption of the residual value of the vehicle to the leasing company.

If you choose financial leasing, you shall pay the full price of the leased property within the leasing period, and upon expiry of the period you will own the property. Financial leasing is perfect if you would like to acquire the vehicle and also use it after the expiry of the leasing period. In order to decrease monthly payments, you may make a larger payment at the end of the leasing period, which means that you shall compensate for the residual value, just like in the case of operational leasing.


Instalment is a leasing transaction similar to financial leasing, but in this case (used) property bought from a person not liable to value-added tax shall not be subject to value-added tax. Monthly instalments for the car shall also not be subject to value-added tax. In order to decrease monthly payments, you may make a larger instalment at the end of the leasing period, which means that you shall compensate for the residual value, just like in the case of operational leasing.


Leasing offer in couple of days. We work with all major leasing providers.

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